Saturday, April 23, 2016

Girl collage

The adage, "time flies when you're having fun" is absolutely true.  I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone and realized a week had already flown by - but what a week it was!
You've already seen my trip to the Tulips, but it all started last weekend with a girl date with my big girls. 
We saw Jungle Book, grabbed a coffee, and because the weather was absolutely dreamy, we shopped at a charming outdoor mall.

. . . . . 

When girlfriends come into town a mani-pedi day is a must!

. . . . . 

We enjoyed the sunshine and a little shopping.  Do you know about Charming Charlie?  
Every girl should!
The little girls LOVE escalators.  I am not over-exaggerating to say that they could ride them all day.  (Who needs a park when you have an escalator? Ha!)
I was happily surprised to find these 3 ingredient snack crackers!

Since Ikea is so close to the airport, it was worth a stop.
And a teal taxi - because... teal!

It certainly was not a typical week for me, to be sure, but boy was it fun.  Looking over these pictures reminds me of all that I am thankful for...

- longtime friendship - daughters - sunshine - coffee - laughter - honesty
- love - choices - God's provision - happy memories - window shopping - pedicures (and people willing to do them) - a husband who encourages me to take a little time out and enjoy some simple pleasures - silliness - escalators

just to name a few.  :-)  


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