Monday, April 25, 2016


In my last post I neglected to tell you that in the middle of the busy week, we also celebrated a birthday too, but it's because it deserves a separate post.   

Matthew commented several times as the days led up to his birthday that this birthday was feeling a little different, or maybe it was more that he was feeling a little different about the birthday. 

20!  The beginning of a new decade.  There is much to think about.  

This is the time frame where crucial decisions will be made.

and milestones achieved. 

College graduation - career choices - marriage - children will most likely happen in these "twenties" years. 

Also - which donut to eat for birthday breakfast?  Well, not all decisions are life-altering.  ;-)
No need to decide - one of each will do.  
That was part of Hannah's gift to him...homemade donuts.

Some years birthdays are simple and quiet, but as it turned out, this year we had a full house.  Even Caleb was able to make it back from Portland.  

This year Matt gave himself a birthday gift - because his birthday was on a Tuesday -
he took the whole week off  from work for vacation.  Definitely a gift to have a break from long work days and a long commute.

When we asked him what he might like to do to celebrate, he said he wanted to go ice skating.  So we did.

Abbie loved it, but was thankful for the wall to hold onto... and Dad's hand too.

Somebody special got to join us too.  :-)

Auntie K brought In-N-Out Burger note pads for the little girls as a little gift from Cali.
It came in handy when Mary's little feeties were done. 

As you can see, we just about had the entire rink to ourselves that day, except for other friends who unknowingly, planned to go there too! 

So often the schedules of the big kids don't jive, but even Sarah was able to join us.  :-)

Some extra love and encouragement from Auntie K.

He requested hot wings for dinner, and pumpkin pie instead of cake.
Yep - a slice of pie does handle 20 candles, in case you've ever wondered.

You know you are getting older when...

your pie is on fire! (not really)

It was a fun day with lots of laughter, but in the quiet moments, I find myself thinking about what the future holds for him.  What are God's plans?  Birthdays are always a keen reminder of how fleeting the days are, and I pray fervently for him and how he spends his time, the choices he will make, the man that he will has become. 

The great lesson of faith put to all parents is that of learning to trust God for their children. They love them as they never imagined they could love anyone, and it takes an ever enlarging faith to believe God loves them more. 
Elisabeth Elliot

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 
So now I give him to the Lord. 
1 Samuel 1:27-28

 - Carol 


  1. I love your closing sentiments, and it's so fun to see a (lovely) shot of you and Karen together!

  2. Katherine,
    It's kind of crazy to think that we know the same person, yet have never met one another. However, I am ever so happy that I get to know you just a little through your blog. (I am grateful to your husband for encouraging you to continue with it!)
    Thank you for your sweet comment. :-)


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