Friday, April 15, 2016

Fun things to see and do in Seattle - our field trip

"Community" is comforting.  Feeling like you have someone to talk to, have things in common with, and that is an inspiration is really a gift,  I think.

We are social creatures and meant to connect with others.
I am in an interesting season of life.  Peers of mine have finished their journey of home educating their children, and are enjoying the college/career/marriage/grandbaby stage. 

Even though I have college/career/marriage age children, I also have these younger ones. 
I won't lie, it isn't easy.  
Enter in my "community".  It is just so great to have a friend in the same situation.  
Even though we've graduated some, we need to press on, full steam ahead, with the remaining ones.

Field trips are win : win.  You get to spend time with friends, while learning a ton in a fun way.  Exit the classroom (or the kitchen table, as it were) and get out into the field.

My friend, Margo knows all the cool spots - so off we went to explore a few in Seattle.
First stop -  the Frye Art Museum.

Free admission.  Free parking.  Free docent led tour.  Gotta love that. 
They were in between installations.  They were just putting together this exhibit by contemporary artist, Noah Davis.

The docent asked the kids questions about the painting - like, "What do you see?"  "And what makes you think this is a family?"  "Where might they be?"  The kids had some great observations. 

Then she had them draw what they thought the mom might be seeing through her binoculars. 

From there we moved into the Salon. The Frye's had quite the floor-to-ceiling-all-four-walls art collection.

The kids were asked to pick a favorite and then draw it.

these were useful activities that engaged the kids and helped them "see". 

After the museum we hit Gas Works Park, which was the perfect spot to eat our picnic lunch and let the kids run, and play, and be loud.

They played the classic, "Red-light/Green Light".

So while the others were running, and smiling, and having fun together... 
there sat Mary feeling left out. 

Her pal, came over to see what was wrong. 

"BOO!"  -

Like I was saying, good friends are absolutely indispensable!

This waterfront park puts you front and center to the Seattle Skyline, but I never would have found my way without Margo!

It's right on Lake Union, where they filmed Tom Hanks' houseboat in Sleepless in Seattle.

It's also where they put on big fireworks displays on Independence Day.

Next stop - Theo Chocolate.
...and a selfie.

My girl, the multi-tasker...posting on Instagram, while keeping hold of Mary Anne. :-)

Theo chocolate is on Hannah's approved foods list.  HA! Isn't chocolate on everybody's approved food list? You ask.
No seriously.  They have some selections that are dairy free and vegan.  

There were samples of every kind of chocolate bar they make.  Oh, yes, please! 
And they offer free tours. Margo and I already have that one scheduled!  :-)

They made a chocolate version of the Apatosaurus topiaries.

 which were just across the street from Theo so we got to see that too!

Like the Apatosaurs, the Troll Under the the Bridge is another rather iconic/quirky Seattle attraction. (Think Billy Goats Gruff),
Just a couple short blocks away from Theo, and on the way to the freeway, how could we not drive by? 


The day was packed with fun and friends. 

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