Saturday, March 5, 2016


Sometimes it's best to put the books on the shelf, grab some friends, and get out and enjoy something new.  

We wanted to "adventure" a little more often.  We began with a trip to the zoo in the fall, but then the holiday season arrived, and then birthday season too.  

But today...

we went to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.  It's on the campus of the University of Washington.
I had never been to either before. 

This museum is on the smaller side and focused on paleontology, minerals, and some cultural exhibits from around the Pacific Rim.

Seeing skeletons up close sure gives you a sense of size perspective.

 There is always much talk as a result of what is posted as "fact".  

Some points of discussion: 

  • this makes it sound as if all scientists agree.  (False) 
  • A single common ancestor?  So - a rock, a tree, an amoeba - all giving life to the vast variety of all creation?  Really?  (False.  Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth")
  • 4 billion years ago?  (False. There is strong evidence of a young earth.  Read this fascinating information 

I am thankful for the opportunity to talk this through with the kids and to show them that they must have a point of reference that is true and unchanging.  (The Bible)

The most current exhibit is an interactive one, where you write on a post-it your suggestion to improve the environment.  Water, Trash, and Transportation were the areas of focus.  
Skateboarding is a green activity.  :-)

Lunch break

The "U-Dub" is well known for its quad-courtyard with blooming cherry trees.  Cherry trees are blooming beautifully everywhere I turn, so I was really looking forward to seeing them here. 

We were a bit early.  I bet in about ten days they will be in full glory! 

The architecture is old, and beautiful.

We were caught in a downpour and took cover under this giant cedar tree. 

It was a good spot for a group shot. :-)

It's so fun to have adventurous friends to explore with  - rain or shine...and we've got more outings planned.  :-)  

On our way home we saw a rainbow.

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