Tuesday, March 1, 2016


February is a special month for our family because we celebrate four special people.
Daniel's comes first on Valentine's Day.  This year was a milestone birthday for him.  13.
We decided that a fun way to celebrate would be an afternoon at Mox Boarding House

It's a restaurant (where my nephew is the chef.) 
and it's a board game store.
The great thing is that you can play the games while you eat, and they don't rush you out.  

They have just about every game you can imagine, and even ones you've never heard of.
Spot It is a favorite of ours.  It's perfect for ALL ages. 

We played one called Code Names (fun!) and Kitties in a Blender (but I can't get past the visual - ew!)

Instead of ice cream and cake, Dan's request was for coconut cream pie, made by Hannah, and to be enjoyed back at home. 

We chose to celebrate mostly on Saturday because Sunday  (his actual birthday) would not have allowed us as much time at the restaurant.  But we made time for gifts before church. 

A "Gilligan" hat because he loves Gilligan's Island.

A sketchbook

And a good book...

plus other gifts from far-away family.

Caleb couldn't make it up to celebrate with us,  so Daniel, Eric and I headed to Portland!
(Actually, we had some things to bring to him, but the timing was perfect.)

Dan spent the night at big brother's new place, staying up way too late, watching movies, and eating "mad snacks".  
This was definitely a birthday that will stand out as one of his favorites. 

. . . . . 

Meanwhile having an overnight date in Portland just the two of us was sort of an early birthday present for Eric, whose birthday is just three days later.  
He always spoils me, so this year, it was my turn.  Our other espresso machine was old and tired.  At the recommendation of Pennywagon Coffee Roasters, I bought this espresso machine for him, and it does not disappoint! 

Coffee is a favorite of Eric's, and it keeps him in good health too!  (no seriously, I'll have to blog about that sometime! For Eric: coffee = no kidney stones.)
And how is it that I have no other photos from his special day?
. . . . . 

Six days after Eric's birthday is Abbie's.  Caleb was able to make it up for hers, which was present in itself! 

except he gave her craft beads too. 

Hannah made her a special princess dress.

tea party essentials from another big sister

Of course, donuts.  :-)

Abbie's request was to meet for frozen yogurt when everyone got off work. 


So our number seven turned 7.

  . . . . .

Caleb is the last of our February birthdays.  Since he was here, but couldn't be for his own birthday, we also celebrated his with Abbie's. 

His special someone joined us for a little while too. 


a Vincent mug

brotherly humor (we played and despite the name, it is fun.)

red velvet cupcakes 

A little side note. On a previous visit, we had an interesting conversation, one that all the world hangs on, of course...
If you were a cupcake, what flavor would you be?
It was decided that Caleb is red velvet. 

Abbie didn't mind sharing her birthday one little bit, if fact she rather liked it.

. . . . . 

I am especially thankful for the relationships the kids have with one another despite some of the age differences.  
I hope that as the years pass that they will appreciate the unique qualities each one possesses.  That they will see those traits as strengths and not something to divide them. 
Eight children and all quite different; in looks, in attitudes, in disposition, in opinion.  But, that is what I love.  God is the perfect artisan, forming and shaping them into these very enjoyable people!
My overarching prayer for each of them is that they follow after the Lord with a whole heart, completely, 100%, and that they would be like the Potter's clay, soft and responsive to the shaping. 


  1. Loved all the birthdays! Still upset that I couldn't make it to Dan's and Dad & I didn't even get a selfie at the movies!!!
    Anyhoo - what flavor would I be ? Coconut because only "special" people like coconut ;)

    1. We were so glad you could make it for FroYo! Whaaaat, no selfie with Dad? You need another movie date then. ;-)
      I agree, you are coconut. The kids think I'm spice cake, and Dad is dark chocolate.

    2. I know! Yes we do! But it's your turn next! Jungle book comes out soon!! ;)
      Hmmmm... Nope not seeing the spice cake. I'm thinking something rare and simple ;)
      Yup! Dad is dark chocolate alright!


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