Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Day!

In honor of today... 
because it's kind of a goofy day - an extra day (read catch up day) - a "Leap Year" day...

Hannah and I plan to watch this... (one of my favorite's)

Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.
(By the way and did you know... Matthew Goode stars in Season 6 of Downton Abbey as Henry Talbot?!)

Also - just to be different we will have breakfast for dinner.  Why not?  
I wanted to go "adventuring today", but we have that planned for Thursday.  More on that soon. :-)  

And - I am officially done with my February photo challenge  Even though there is one more February day, I am going with the standard 28 day February challenge.
It was fun. It was stretching for me artistically and technically, but I learned a LOT.  
All my photos except for three were taken on manual mode and with my 55 x 200 telephoto lens. 
I hope you enjoyed some of them.  :-)   My favorite is a toss up between #somthingorange and #glass.  They were challenging to shoot because of lighting, but I was happy with the results. 

Happy Leap Year Day!   


  1. I wanna watch that movie with you gals!!! :(

  2. OMG!! Just watched that movie! So cute!! Why have I never seen that one before?! Thanks for mentioning it! ;) now I'll be talkin' in the Irish accent for awhile ;)

    1. A new favorite for you too, now? :-)


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