Friday, March 18, 2016


This girl is the best guinea pig - always willing to be my model/subject so that I can mess with my camera and learn more.  Currently she is in the process of updating her blog hoping to include more fashion posts so I guess we are helping each other out.  :-)  

So I've been trying to take notice of places that might make for good backgrounds for photo shoots.  
We both liked this rather industrial look.

  I liked the fluid, blurred trees

She preferred the static geometric pattern and solid color.

I should probably keep a photo journal and write down where these spots are and the best time to day to shoot at them.  Yeah, that would be a good idea.  

What's your preference? 

~ Carol  



  1. Aw, thanks mommy! It's fun being the guinea pig for you. ;) Also, I like the new layout. X)

    1. I wanna be a Guinea pig for you! Hannah and I could be a double Guinea pig duo! ;)


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