Saturday, January 30, 2016


I've been fiddling with my camera.  I LOVE to take pictures.  I HATE when they are bad!

I want to know my camera and its settings so well that the thought that goes into my pictures isn't about the mechanics of it, but rather the artistry.   

On this last shoot I did with Hannah I wanted to find suitable backgrounds on our property to use for future shoots too.   That's a challenge because brambles and branches are everywhere, but they aren't always welcome.

These are unedited and all taken with my telephoto lens.  

Trying different angles.  (me slightly above her)

(me a bit lower than her)

I wasn't expecting much from this background - it's the side of our barn!  
But, I like it.  (She's a nut and she makes it fun!)

Zooming in super close.

We moved inside due to the down pour.  The lighting inside my home is really awful for pictures, but I had this idea for her to stand in front of the front window with the sheer pulled.  I think I may have stumbled onto something.  This could work - at least it did on this cloudy, rainy day.  

Our window of time ended, but I want to try more in this spot.  

Have you seen the Secret Life of Walter Mitty?  
How cool would it be to be a Shaun O'Connel traveling the world taking iconic pictures that evoke awe and emotion.  The kind good enough to make the cover of Life Magazine.  
"The quintessence of Life".   

So that's my goal.  No, not working for Life Magazine, but to be that good. 

Your feedback on my photos is always welcome.  Tips and tricks that you use are appreciated too.  :-)     


  1. Me likey. Also. My tip. Hire a good photographer for your pictures. Mom's are pretty dope ones. :D ( Love you! XD )

    1. You are calling me a dope. Ha! I sort of am, but hey, we have fun anyway. Thanks for always being a willing victim. ;-)


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