Monday, January 11, 2016

A tall hall and a happy wall

It doesn't seem all that long ago that we made the photo gallery wall hall.  It was fun to create it with the input of the children. 

Then last summer my dad gave us my grandfather's ship stuff.   The ship's wheel is big, and the model needs to be kept in a case so that the dust doesn't settle on all the rigging, which is very, very cumbersome to restring.   After trying a few wall spaces, we finally had the idea to move our photo gallery hall and use that space instead to display the wheel and ship.  

Eric had the great idea to visit Tap Plastics and have them cut plastic to our specifications so that he could build a case.  As it turns out, it wasn't much more money to just have them create the case for us so that's what we did.  While it was being made, Eric bought the materials to make a shelf.  He used his router so that the edge of the case fits right into the groove to make it more secure.  

We've been on the hunt for a boat cleat that we can hang the sailor's thimble and monkey's fist from, but aside from that the hall space is done and the ship has a home port.  :-)

But now, we have the question of what to do with the photos we took down.  
My happy wall...

I'd seen on Pinterest this idea of using paper the size of the frames to position them with tape until you decide upon an arrangement you like. 

First I laid the frames on the floor in an arrangement that I thought I would like.  Then I took a photo so that I could reference back.  I did that a couple of times - arranging - picture, rearranging- picture.  Once I settled on something I really liked I traced the frames onto plain newsprint paper and cut them out for Eric.  

I had to leave, but left Eric to do his magic.  Using his laser level, Dan and Eric worked together putting up the papers, measuring the wall and spaces in between the frames and also transferring the nail position from the back of the frame to the paper. 
The paper on the wall really lets you see if you like the arrangement without extra nail holes. 

Then it was just a matter of replacing the paper with a frame.
He started with the "B" because it is the focal point.  

He put all the frames up in their right places.  I've been combing through my archives for updated photos.  I uploaded all them this morning and they'll be ready by the weekend.

Then my happy wall will be happy indeed. 

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