Sunday, December 20, 2015


Birthdays are absolutely special occasions and cause for a little indulgence.  No?
Hannah just celebrated her 17th birthday.

Birthday wish #1 - Mom's cinnamon rolls for birthday breakfast. 
These babies were delicious, a splurge, for sure. 

In keeping with our tradition - we made her birthday chair.  Hannah likes the "hippy-dippy" style, and when we found this birthday banner we knew it would make her smile. 

along with "hippy-dippy" balloons.  :-) 

A new dress from big sister also made her smile,

and so did the new infinity scarf from big brother

with hedgehogs!

She opened gifts in the morning - early before Dad and Matt had to leave for work, and then...later...

Birthday wish #2 - a sleepover with a couple of girlfriends.

Hannah was a wee bit under the weather so this low key celebration was just right.

I think the reason why Hannah is such fun to be with is because she is so joyful and easy-going.  Often when I ask her about her preference for something her response is, "I'm good with whatever."
We are just so thankful to God for her.  We are truly blessed to call her our daughter, but me even more so, to call her my friend.  

Just for fun - take a little quiz  (17 questions) to see how well you know her. 

I updated and put the answers below. :-)

1.  What is her favorite animal?
        Hedghog 2.  What is her favorite color?
      Plum and sparkly gold 3.  What is her favorite sport?
      Longboarding 4.  What is her favorite food? 
      Cinnamon rolls 5.  What is her favorite beverage? 
      Peppermint tea 6.  What one thing do you most associate with Hannah?
      Polkadots 7.   What place would she most like to visit?  
       Europe 8.  Name a favorite hobby of hers.
      Sewing 9.   Name one of her favorite movies.
      Captain America 10.  What is her favorite Bible verse?
       1 John 3:2 11.  Mountains, Desert, Ocean, or Forest? 
       Ocean 12.  Who is her favorite author?
       J.M. Berrie 13.  Spring, summer, autumn, or winter? 
       summer 14.  Is she a Messy or a Neat Nick? 
       Neat Nick 15.  Name a skill she'd like to learn? 
       surfing 16.  Favorite book? 
       Peter Pan 17.  What is her favorite Christmasy thing to do? 
       Fun Christmas socks

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  1. 1.Hedge Hog 2.teal 3.ultiment Frisbee 4.varaniki chocolate 6.her sewing 7.London 8. baking 9.Babe (the pig) 10.Phil.4:13 11.ocean 12.Lewis 13. summer 14.neat nick 15. ??? 16.Charlott's Web 17. making cookies and giving her love to everyone.


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