Saturday, October 31, 2015

Master tonic update

 I recently made a new batch of master tonic so that we would be prepared for the upcoming flu/cold season.  I used the recipe that I posted here, but I put it together a little differently.  Each of the ingredients equaled about 1 cup each.  I added all the ingredients to a half-gallon canning jar and then covered all with 1 quart of raw apple cider vinegar.  This way I didn't need to worry about having enough room while allowing for displacement.

If you didn't/couldn't grow your own ingredients, or you didn't/couldn't make it to a farmer's market, you can buy all the ingredients needed at your local grocery store.  I actually bought fresh horseradish along with the tincture bottles with dropper tops on Amazon.
These are 2 oz. size.  The recipe yielded 1 dozen 2 oz. bottles and 1 pint - for refills.

This particular batch is hot, but it isn't crazy hot.  The recipe calls for including the pepper seeds when combining everything.  I, unfortunately, had discarded them, and then realized I was supposed to include them.  I was kind of afraid to work with the hot peppers - I wore rubber gloves and discarded the seeds because they are usually the hottest part of the pepper...which is why you need to include them.   Light bulb moment for me.

This is super easy to make.  If you are interested in a natural way to help you through a congestion or sore throat bug, I encourage you to give this a try.   Because this is infused vinegar, it doesn't expire.   

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