Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Get Away

We were able to get away for a couple of days for our anniversary.  I was so glad we did.  Sometimes the practical side of me takes over, (but it will cost too much, but can you really break away from work, but we are just about to start school and I have so much planning to do.) 
But not this time!

We made reservations at the Saratoga Inn on Whidbey Island.  Instead of taking the ferry, we decided to drive the scenic route and stop into a cute little town along the way for lunch and window shopping.

and picture taking. 

Lunch on the waterfront, in the warm sunshine. 

Deception Pass.   

Of course, we stopped to admire the view and take a selfie or two.  :-)

Our home away from home for a day.   

Our room

with water views! ("Ocean in view - oh the joy!")

The porch of the Inn looks onto this view behind us.  It's gorgeous and amazing and relaxing.

The charming little town of Langley hosts a dozen or more cute shops and places to eat.
For us - it's about the salty sea air and really good coffee.
This café served "pour-over coffee". 

They are very precise.  The coffee grounds are weighed on the scale and then put in the filter to which boiling water is then added.  The coffee drips down into the carafe.

We had a selection of beans (Kenya or Ethiopia) but each selection only had "single origin" beans - meaning that all the beans in that selection were from only one coffee plantation, instead of several regions combining together.
It was outstanding!  (Coming from a coffee snob - that's good stuff!)

We took the coffees to go and walked along the two main streets which are charming all on their own because alternating with the smooth sidewalks are brick pavers where the crosswalks are. 
And where the crosswalks are they have beautiful foliage and flower beds.

We were surprised when we saw a pumpkin peeking through the flowers,

but we discovered each bed is an edible garden. 

We found a sweet shop.  Aren't these mice and hedgehogs the cutest!  Of course we had to bring some home for the kids.

Since nothing pairs better with coffee than chocolate, Eric and I enjoyed a dark chocolate confection with sea salt and almonds.  Heavenly.

The first day was sunny and warm, but overnight the clouds rolled in, the temperatures cooled, and if you weren't looking at the calendar you would have sworn that fall had arrived.

To us, the sea is beautiful no matter the weather.  It makes us marvel at God's awesome power and amazing creativity. 

So thankful for our time away together.  I didn't realize how much it was needed, but it was.
So thankful for our 27 years.  To know and be known.
So thankful for the grace that God pours out on us - a saving grace,  a sanctifying grace.  



  1. Awh, don't you two make the cutest couple ever!??! XD So happy you were blessed Mommy and Daddy! XD

    1. And thank you, Polkadotted Plum for making it possible! We appreciate ALL you do!


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