Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oh, how I love this man!

Oh, gosh maybe 20 years ago I saw a commercial on t.v.  I don't remember what the ad was for, but there was a couple standing in a public square, or maybe it was something like the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Anyway, there they were, people passing by, and he shouted out for everyone to hear that he loved her, but she was embarrassed by his public display.  It kind of made me sad to see that.

Well, today, in honor of our golden anniversary (27 years on the 27th) I thought I would shout out to Eric (for the whole world to hear) I love you!

To my dragon slayer, my knight in shining armor, Eric,
Sometimes I forget the tough work that you do in the corporate world because I see your tender side.
When I am tired, discouraged, weary, and needy you are there to step in.  You've changed diapers, rocked fussy babies, you've made countless meals, and tackle my never-ending Honey-Do list with tireless energy.  You've shown me what a servant looks like and your strength is a constant for me.

Your perspective has helped me see things in new ways.  You balance me.
Because you are adventurous and spontaneous, you encourage me to try new things and push past my fears. I know you'll be there to keep me safe.

And then I am reminded of how much you do, the stresses you face that I never see and will never know.  I'm reminded of how hard you are pushed and how much is demanded of you in the hours that you are away.

Thank you for going to work every day and coming home too.
Thank you for leaving the stresses of work... at work.
Thank you for being all in all the time.
Thank you for chasing adventure and for taking me along for the ride.
Thank you for loving me - selflessly and unconditionally, just as Christ does.
Thank you for protecting me.
I want you to know I believe in you.  I believe in us.

I know that it is by God's pure grace that we share this beautiful relationship of husband and wife.  By His grace alone.
He will always be our anchor.
You will always be my captain.


  1. Carol you have just made a grown man cry.
    I so pray so hard every day so as to be what you say I am. I would not be this man if it wasn't for my relationship with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To him I give the glory to Him I thank for the many opportunities He gives me to show his love to you. I know I am not as wonderful as you say but I will never stop loving you as Christ loved the church. I love ❤ you Carol

  2. I LOVED your post mommy!! <3 You are both the sweetest couple eveer. I never get tired of seeing the two of you kiss when you greet each other morning and night. :)


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