Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What did I just do?

I am reminded of a lyric from an old song from the Newsboys,
"I dunno what I was thinking when I just pressed 'Send'".

Anyway, that's how I felt when I pressed the button to connect my blog to Google+ only to find absolutely everything changed including my comments section. 
What was I thinking and why didn't I read more closely? 

I spent way too long trying to figure out how to revert back to the original blogger profile, thinking that would also revert back to the blogger comments.  I did figure out how, but the Google+ comments were still enabled.  Grrr.  Not only did I still have Google comments, but now I didn't have a Google+ dashboard to work with. 
After doing a Bing search and reading a few sites, Eric finally found the answer for me.
(It's really nice to have my System Administrator in house!)

I am posting a screenshot here in case you have done the same thing and feel stuck.
The first thing I had to do was go back to using my Google+ profile. (not the one from Blogger.)
(The top right corner  - in the gray strip - tells you which profile your blog is using.)

On your blog dashboard - click on the Google+ tab. (See on the left in orange.)
The screen should look like this.
Make sure the check box is UNCHECKED for using Google+ comments. (I circled it in red for you.)
I had actually successfully unlinked my blog from Google+ so that check box was NO WHERE to be found! 
When I clicked on the shaded gray area below my photo and name with the blogger symbol (which said link blog to Google+) then the check boxes showed up. 
So - your blog must be linked with Google+ in order to have that check box option.
I apologize to my readers for any inconvenience my stupidity has caused you. 
Would you help me by leaving a comment so I can confirm I really fixed the problem.  (I suppose a lack of comments might be a clue too.)
Anyway, happy blogging and... commenting.  :-)


  1. Yay!!! The comments are fixed! It was a sad couple weeks when I could not comment on your posts :( but now I can!

    1. It was kind of lonely not hearing from anybody! Thanks so much for commenting. :-)

  2. Also, thanks for showing us how to fix it! I have a fellow blogger who's been havin this problem, so hopefully this will help :)

  3. Oh, good, I'm so glad you fixed it! I had come here planning to comment several times but I don't use Google+ so then I couldn't comment!

    I totally broke my Blogger template a couple of years ago, so I can empathize with you! My blog still works, but some of the things can never be changed (background, text colors, pages at the top, etc.). It's just broken. When I talked to someone at Blogger about it, they said I could start over with a new blog, but mine can't be changed. Thankfully it's a design I can live with (and I can still change my header), but I kind of hate that I'm stuck with the same stuff forever! So, yeah, I've been there, too. :)

    1. I can totally commiserate with you! It's hard enough to carve out time to blog, let alone figure out stuff like this. I seriously would like to figure out how to archive all my posts so that I don't lose them, should I ever need to start over. There are years of thoughts and pictures of the children and such. It's how I journal our life. I'd be so sad to lose it.

  4. Anytime I try to use Google for any reason my computer goes spastic so I don't Google


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