Friday, July 17, 2015

Life lately

So this is what LIFE looks like for us lately.
Look who learned to ride a bike!
Like nobody's business. Way to go, Abbie.

Hannah was in the mood to bake a cake.  She made this one from Pinterest.  Doesn't Earl Grey and Vanilla sound so good?  (She substituted the Namaste gluten free flour blend.  I thought it tasted very good, but I didn't really taste the Earl Grey - so would use stronger steeped tea next time.)

This is what greets Daddy each evening when he comes home from work. 
Country girls clad in shorts... and rubber boots.

I may have rubbed off on my hydrangea bush.  Should I bloom blue?  or maybe pink?
Oh, I don't know...

or maybe lavender and blue all in one.

This weed is called horsetail.  It is invasive, stubborn and very hard to eradicate! 
It has mixed in with the hydrangeas and now I've seen a few in the garden. :-(

Eric has entered a longboard race so we are making a road trip to Portland.  He did a trial run down a nearby road - he clocked at 17 mph! 

We planted only romaine lettuce this year and it has done very well.  I am able to harvest big bags worth a couple times a week.  The beets are doing really well too.  This was the first batch, there are still more to come.  Next year, I need to put in two rows of beets.  We just picked our first cucumbers too. 

A baby shower for Henry

That cake!

A graduation celebration for this special girl friend.

#Surviving the heat
A couple of day trips to the river with friends.  A very refreshing respite from the heat.
(That was a couple of weeks ago.  It's much cooler now, though heat is due to return... yay)

Ellie's catch-and-release treasure

#Doggie Sitting
Had these sweet sisters for a time while their owners were on vacation.  Matthew affectionately calls them "his dogs".  (Do you suppose these girls dream of being  Huskies when they grow up? Ha)  I think it made us all miss Otis just a little bit more.

These are the lazy days of summer - no real schedule or routine - fun with friends.

Hope your are having fabulous and fun summer days.  

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