Friday, June 26, 2015

Pur et Simple

Pur et Simple is French for pure and simple. You probably figured that out already!   :-)
For me this is what comes to mind.  
Pure: clean, unmixed, 100% authentic. 
Simple:  uncomplicated and uncluttered.

It's all I want to be and I think, mostly, it is who I am.  
I do so like things clean and in order. (Is it scary that I find organizing a relaxing activity?)
I am all about things beings natural, healthy, and organic...real. 
And I always want to be authentic.  I want people to know that what they see in me is real.  That my words match my actions.  My talk matches my walk.  Sometimes that is a lot easier to say than to do.  (Ha, how ironic!)
I am a work in progress.
I crave the uncomplicated.   I am always drawn to the simple.  

simple cooking, and simple styling, and even simple relationships.
Simple because they are marked by truth always gently spoken.

It's my heart's cry for my kids too.   Honesty with themselves and with others. And above all - a pure and simple faith in God and His Word.

On another, and completely different note.  I brought this in fresh from the garden this morning.

We are having a heat wave!  It's 90 degrees.  That's pretty warm for the PNW.  Tonight we break with tradition of homemade pizza {No thank you, 500 degree oven!} and opt for simple fare.  I'll add a little chicken and some homemade dressing.  Voila.

Enjoying the simple joys of summer. 

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