Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I'm feeling like I need a little change.

Since I can't book flights to a tropical paradise... a new paint color ~ "Bali Blue"
will have to do.  :-)
My bedroom has been cranberry red for about 15 years.  Not the walls, I'm not that daring, but the quilt, the sheets, and a few accents. 
But guess what?  It's time to change it up!  It's going to be a work in progress because, well, I'm picky, and cheap frugal, but the hunt is half the fun, right?
The fun has begun.  I'm repainting a window frame that hangs on the wall and displays treasures.
I also have a wooden rocking chair that I will paint the same Bali blue.
That rocking chair has a story.  About nine years ago, I was pregnant and wishing for a rocking chair that "fit me"  Most of the time the arms are a little too high for me because, fact is, I'm short. 
One day while driving the kids home from piano lessons, there was this super cute, smallish, white rocking chair on the side of the road with a FREE sign on it. 
I nabbed it up.  It was so sweet of the Lord to answer my half-hearted prayer.
Because it was free, and going into my red bedroom, I painted it red. 
Same rocker, several babies later, I still enjoy it.  It's where I sit each morning when I read.
I will enjoy it even more with a new coat of paint and comfy cushion. 
I can't decide if I want to paint the dresser and nightstands.  They are pine and have a clear seal on them.  I asked Eric if he has a preference; he doesn't.  I think I might just be too chicken.  What if I don't like it?  Maybe I'll take the easy way and switch from the wood drawer knobs to aqua blue glass ones.   That will give it a new look and bring in color without a huge commitment. 
Quilt, sheets, throw pillows.   There's a challenge. 
A challenge because I don't know what I want and because when I finally decide, it will probably be a bit beyond the budget.
I know that in the scheme of world events, others suffering with life changing health issues, this is unimportant, but like my light-hearted prayer years ago, I pray that the Lord will provide frugal yet cute along with inspiration and creativity.
I'll keep you posted.

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