Monday, March 9, 2015

recital time

spring piano recital
. . .
Typically recitals are saved for the end of the year to showcase their progress, and present a polished piece, their magnum opus, of sorts.
 Sunday following church, we had a casual, fun gathering with another family
whose children also take lessons from the same teacher
It was Margo's idea to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship, and enjoy eachother's company while giving the students a relaxed atmosphere in which to play, instead of the more
nerve-wracking, stomach-churching, formal affair. 
   The Dahl family is what I would call a musical family.  Margo, the mom, and the two oldest daughters, Natalie and Victoria are fabulous violinists.  Natalie, the oldest daughter teaches violin lessons, and the two sisters often have musical engagements that they play for. The next two daughters are the ones currently taking piano lessons.  Their three youngest children aren't taking lessons yet. 
The Luse family we have known for almost 20 years.  We always have fun with them. 
Jesse, their 2nd son has been our piano teacher for four years.  He also happens to be Caleb's best friend, and one of the four daughters is Hannah's best friend. 
This gathering was perfect in every respect.
The day was sunny and warm.
The lunch was delicious.
The fellowship sweet.
The playing impressive.

{ Daniel, Hannah, Jesse, Abby, Jessie }

Though he looks young, Jesse, is quite an accomplished pianist, and he has a tender way of teaching with young children. It is a blessing to have a young man teach my son because he knows first hand the distractions a young boy faces.  Jesse has been able to encourage him and keep him focused on the path.  Finding a Star Wars piece to play also helped!
Dan is no longer saying, "I'm almost done.", but instead, "Maybe, I'd like to continue taking lessons next year."       :-)     Hats off to Jesse!
He pushes his older students to excel still more.  Hannah has improved quite a bit under his teaching.  He challenged her to learn and play a Chopin piece as a bigger project.
After our lunch we walked over to their music studio to listen. 
Each student played two songs.  Not that you would know these titles, but this is what they played.
Dan: Star Wars piece and another called "Bound for the Promised Land".
Jessica: "Once There Was a Princess" and "A Very Puzzling Piano Piece".
Hannah: Chopin's "Prelude in E Minor" and Yann Tiersen's "So Simple Step".
Abby {Dahl}: a Chopin waltz and a 3 part movement of Clemente's.
I've decided to give Abby the nickname "Flying Fingers"!
Having a recital in this kind of relaxed style was such fun, even though I know they still get a little nervous to play in front of others.   Looking forward to more fun times with these families.

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