Friday, March 27, 2015

8 is 4

Mary Anne turned 4.

Did you get that? 

The BABY turned 4! 

If you ask her, she'll be quick to tell you that she is not a baby.  She is a big girl. 
She is at a really fun stage.  She says witty and silly things that make us all just stop and say out loud,  "Aww, she's so cute."  {That's dangerous territory, I know, but she IS the baby, and everyone seems to savor those super cute antics.}
She enjoys the challenge of trying to do things herself, but I am thankful she still needs help.  I cherish this last little bit of "babyhood" with her.  Learning to match our clothes is a work in progress currently.   ;-)   

. . . . .
We began the day early so that brothers could be included in the fun before they headed off to work.  And because . . . what 4 year old wants to wait past the crack of dawn for the birthday fun to begin? 

Hannah made her three darling skirts from scraps she had on hand.
They were a hit.  Mary loves them. 
Can you see the "tatching" possibilities?

Daniel was convinced that she needed this fluffy, pink duck.

so was she!

A few new toys

A new book

new super cute boots that match Abbie's.

The day was a rainy one so the park had to be postponed.  It didn't seem to matter.  She enjoyed being able to be home and play with her new toys.  
. . . . .

Mary Anne requested spaghetti for dinner.  It's her favorite. 
These days she is a little pickier.  I guess her taste buds are growing too.

I bought this cute plate especially to be used on birthdays.  I finally remembered to use it!

We made flower cupcakes because I thought her birthday was also the first day of spring. 
It's the 2nd day of spring.

And by "we" I mean that I found this idea years ago from a Family Fun magazine.
Hannah made them.  Ha.

Some fun things to know about Mary:

* She was the only one born at home.
* Coloring with markers is her favorite thing only to be topped if stickers go with it.
* When she plays she usually has her cat {but for now the new duck} tucked under her arm.
* Her eye color is unique ~ sort of a gray blue almost green, but not quite.
* She loves to have her fingernails and toenails painted.
* She resembles Hannah A LOT when Hannah was that age.

We fervently pray for a "Mary" kind of love/devotion/submission to the Lord.  That she will be yielded to His will just like the Mary of her namesake. 

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