Wednesday, March 18, 2015

03.17 Tradition!

So you probably already know that some of us in this home really, really like Ireland.
Not that we've ever been there, but Lord willing, we will someday! 
We really love Scotland too, but its national holiday is far less known. { Did you know Scotland has a national holiday?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  ;-) }
It has become a tradition on St. Patrick's Day for Hannah to create an Irish feast for us all.
It's also tradition that the older kids enjoy Corned Beef and Cabbage with Dad.
Usually they go to the same restaurant, because, well, it's tradition, but
this year, schedules weren't meshing.
But, Eric's company offered Corned Beef and Cabbage along with Irish dancers
 so we decided to check out the fun.
The kids are always excited to visit Dad at work!
They had classic Irish food.  I chose bangers and mash because I am not a fan of corned beef.
{which is why the kids have their tradition with Dad ~ because he loves it.}
This is the "Did anyone remember to take a picture of the food?"  photo

Face painting

I asked the boys if they wanted their faces painted....
 The Twins were not amused.
 but everyone ate green cotton candy.

A crazy leprechaun
Irish Dancers
These two girls were just amazing.  They were part of the Seattle Irish Dancers.
Each step was perfectly in sync. 

They were super friendly and happy to talk with us.
They inspired the Little Girls

They inspired the Big Girl too.
and, well, he just thought they were really pretty. 
"In Dublin's fair city, where girls are so pretty..."

Matt and Dan's turn with a photo bombing leprechaun.

The drive home was lovely with scenic country roads, the sunroof open, and Irish music playing.  {Celtic Thunder, mostly} 

And still, Hannah created a traditional Irish supper for us, as promised.
She has fun finding different traditional dishes to try each year.
This year's menu:
Dublin Coddle soup {different from other recipes}
Haggerty {a lot like scalloped potatoes with cheese and bacon}
Brown Irish soda bread

All amazing!

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  1. I love Irish stuff even if everything is green. Irish dancing is my favorite dance style. I also love your blog keep up the good work.


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