Sunday, January 11, 2015

#Coolest Thing Ever

Coffee is Da Kine

but especially when it is free.  This morning, we stopped at a latte stand just down the street from church.  We placed our order and exchanged a bit of Seahawks small talk with the barista.  She made our drinks and then passed them to us through the window.  As we were about to pay she said, "We're good.  The car in front of you paid for your drinks." 
Coolest thing ever. 
We were the recipient of a random act of kindness from a complete stranger. 
You don't hear much of the positive in the midst of headlines about world terrorism and violent crime, but this little gesture, gave a bit of hope for humanity.  There are people in the world who consider others and want to be a blessing.  That is a bright spot.
To have someone do this for you comes by such surprise.  It wasn't like we did anything to deserve it.  They didn't know us.  It's not the "National Buy Coffee for the Car Behind You Day."  It was just a simple gesture to brighten our day.   And it did!
Have you ever done this for someone?   I am now convinced that it is a very effective way to bring hope and cheer and even demonstrate the Gospel.  After all, Christ is THE example of the most selfless giver.


  1. I've been the recipient to this gesture many times and I've also done this for people many times. It's such an amazing feeling when you get your coffee paid for, it brightens the day

  2. Come live closer to me. I'll buy you a coffee anytime!! :-)

    1. You know I'm a California girl through and through and always will be!!
      Coffee time with you is the best. :-)


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