Friday, October 10, 2014

How my older kids do the dinner dishes...a tutorial

This is Ellie's skateboarder guy that she drew.
The boys have a friend visiting.  My little girls adore him.  
Ellie calls him "Chuck", and he calls her "Larry".  Sort of a game they have going.
Her picture inspired him to draw.
. . .
After dinner clean up in my home tends to be kinda crazy. 
Add a friend to the mix and you get - really crazy.

Typically some music goes on.  Not something cultured and civilized like Mozart or Chopin, but usually more along the lines of Adele, or Imagine Dragons, or Celtic Thunder.

This time it was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".
The singing ensues...

  as does the dancing...

add a little air guitar...

Now that the dinner dishes are done, why not bake cookies!  Right?

Who wants to wait for the cookies to bake?  The dough will do just fine.

I'm pretty sure I see finger streaks in there.

C'mon guys, it's just 9 -11 minutes.

The sweet reward of waiting.
 And that, my friend, is how my kids do the dinner dishes.
I know this is a rather random post, with mostly blurry pictures, but I want to remember the fun the kids had together even doing everyday chores, and how they took the mundane to marvelous.
{Ok, probably not marvelous, but fun, for sure.}
P.S.  Cookie dishes are not nearly so exciting,
because by now, the Littles have been tucked into bed.  

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  1. I'm so jealous; that looks like a blast! The singing, dancing, and air guitar is hilarious!


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