Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Mom-mobile


The Lord is ever faithful and has provided abundantly for us.

I had gotten used to driving Matthew's smaller car these past months.
As I drove this car home I thought to myself,
"Wow, this sure is BIG!  It's like a White Whale."
Call me Ishmael.  Ha Ha. 

My husband is the sweetest.  We were barely home when he got to work, changing the oil and washing it up so that it looks all purty.
I was busy reading the owner's manual trying to figure out all the buttons and switches, and how to open and close the SUNROOF!  :-) 
The kids were excited. 
Mary exclaimed, "Mama, it's bootiful."
and Daniel said, "It's supes cool."
. . .
Thank you to all who have been praying for our car situation ~
 for God's perfect provision and timing.   
What a blessing.


  1. Nice ride Mrs. Blanchet! Total lessing that one! :)


  2. Oh wonderful!!!! What year is it? Yeah know....white paint can easily be painted over with aqua blue ;)

  3. Wonderful! We just traded in our 2002 yukon XL.....I was sad to see it go, as it was by far the most comfortable car I have ever driven! You will love yours!

    1. Yeah, we won't be downsizing for a while so I am so thankful for this great car. =)


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