Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So far so good.

This year I have children in every level of education from kindergarten to college.
How crazy is that?!
Ready or we go.
The beauty of homeschooling is that it's personalized.
What works for one of my kids, might not for another - so we tweak and adjust to find just the right mix of whatever is needed.
I am unsure of Abbie's pace this year.  She is such an eager learner, that I may need to pick up the pace and move to the next level quicker than I had planned.  
I'll give it a month and then reevaluate.
Of course, Mary would like to do everything that she sees Abbie doing.
For now, that is working.
We made some changes in curriculum for our kids in middle school and high school this year, so I have a little bit of a learning curve myself as I become familiar with its structure and style, but so far we are liking it.

We are easing into routine that seems to have a nice rhythm to it.  Enough structure to allow us to accomplish what we should, and enough flexibility to have fun too.

This year has worked itself out such that Fridays will be light.   I'm going to try to make Friday afternoons our game day.  We own so many board games, both educational and traditional.  They are such a fun way to learn and spend time together. 
I know we only started this week, but so far so good.  :-)
Even though it is a ton of work, and there are days that are discouraging and exhausting,
I am so thankful for the privilege I have to educate my children at home.
. . .


  1. I love your blue chair! And those cute little girlies! Happy schooling! :)

    1. Hi Amy,
      Ha ha, you noticed. Those chairs were one of my many painting projects this summer. I found an aqua blue chalk paint and then sealed them in clear.

  2. You are an exemplary educator!



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