Saturday, July 26, 2014

Upcycling and sweet sisters

Remember the duvet I mentioned in my last post?
Here it is ~ upcycled into three darling dresses.
The girls are so excited about having a new dress to wear. 
Sunday can't come soon enough for them.
I do need some updated pictures of them so I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to take a few. 

 I especially like the candid shots.  You can see a little more of their personalities. 
I sure had fun with them.  They bring me such joy.
{On a side note ~ I think the $20 was well-spent.  I love how the dresses turned out.}


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING. And I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of the girls! Give them all big kisses from me.

  2. I can't take all the credit. Hannah made BOTH Ellie and MaryAnne's dresses! She is the one who is amazing.
    Miss you ever so much.


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