Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our kick-off to summer.

The other day we were able to attend a group picnic at Eric's work.
It was a fun afternoon.
The weather was perfect - sunny and near 80!
 All-you-can-eat food and drink that was finger-lickin' good.
The kids really like Izzy's. 
I really like Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream!

Red Beard, himself.

Eric was in a dodge ball tournament.  He was on Team Awesome, but they didn't win.

There were blow up slides...
which Abbie loved.

but not Mary!

Once she got to the top, Mary was terrified. Ellie ended up pulling her down with her because she wouldn't go down the slide and was holding up the line.

A different, bigger, faster, slide. {It's blurry, but I love his face!}

A bouncy house, that Mary still was none too thrilled about so Ellie, the sweet big sister, held her hand while all four bounced and fell.
Meanwhile...Matt and Hannah went on a zip line.
{no photos because, well, I was here.}

There was a Lego building contest. 
The rules:  build on the spot from the Legos provided.
Super hero themes received extra points. 
This was Daniel's submission.... "The Bat Spaceship"
 If you've seen the Lego Movie then you'll get the "raspy voice" thing.

Remote control car racing. 

And a spinning swing thing
Doesn't Matt look thrilled?  I laugh every time I look at this photo. 

The hard thing about events like this is that the lines are long, so they did what they could and made the best of it.
It was late in the afternoon and this was about the last thing that hadn't closed down yet. 
He figured why not?
It was fun way to spend the day together {and free...can't beat that!}

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