Monday, April 21, 2014


18 years ago, right on his due date, Matthew was born. 
Saturday we celebrated him.
Hannah made these amazing donuts for a special birthday breakfast.
He even donned a party hat for the occasion.

Caleb decided to photo bomb most every picture.  Hey, what are big brothers for?

a bow tie and pocket square from the three littlest sisters.

a "manly" book from Dan.

Classic literature from Grammy.

Banjo books from the other Grammy.

Soundtrack music from Hannah {His favorite Disney film}

And our gift...
"Oh, what can it be?"
"Caleb, I'm not amused."
He's been wanting this for a very long time. 

Caleb gave him cool Converse sneakers, and he also received a very special chess set from Grandpa. His father, Matt's great grandfather was a ship captain and sailed the world over.  This chess set was hand carved in India. 
{Somehow I didn't get a picture of him opening either of those. sad.}

His birthday donut with a donut hole in the middle - to hold the candle, of course.

Caleb and Hannah planned a surprise party of sorts for Matt.  We all met at a local Mexican restaurant.  Matt just thought he and Caleb were meeting us there to have a family lunch.  
He was happily surprised to see most all the peeps.

Completely stuffed, no one wanted dinner, but birthday cake and ice cream are never refused.

Birthdays always make me think over the last year - his accomplishments and changes-
Graduating early, earning college credit, growing spiritually and physically {still!}
He is strong and confident and loves to have fun with friends...and his facial hair. 
{People say they live vicariously through Matt's moustache.  Here's why...
may I introduce to you the many looks of Matthew over this past year.}

Clean shaven with short hair. {Around his birthday last year - spring 2013}

Epic side burns with a messy sexy hair. {fall 2013}

The Christian beard with longer hair {winter 2014}
The Beatnik look {early spring 2014}

Snidely Whiplash moustache {late spring 2014}
Clean shaven with short hair - we've come full circle. {birthday 2014}

A few little known facts about Matthew-
  • He finds ancient history fascinating.
  • He enjoys riding horses and would love to own one someday.
  • He likes the music group Kansas.
  • His favorite hot beverage is Chai tea.
  • At this time, he is planning on pursuing a business degree.
We are blessed by his wit and wisdom and look forward to seeing how God will use him and direct his life.

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  1. Happy birthday Man of Many Styles! Haha! And congrats on the sweet camera... I expect great things! :)


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