Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year was a different kind of Thanksgiving for us.  
What made it different was the excitement of the wedding just a few short days away coupled with being able to spend time with extended family that came into town for it.
We never get to celebrate holidays with family.  
This was special!

 {Mary Anne with Grammy Maria}

 {Lots of game playing with the cousins.  This time around it is Settlers of Catan.}

 {Uncle Marcel, Eric's oldest brother, brought a puzzle that we could all work together.}
 {Mommy's littlest helper.}

 {Daniel's favorite game is "Who,What,Where,When,Why".  On a piece of paper you write any "who" answer, you then fold down your paper so that your answer can not be seen, and pass it to the person next to you, who then writes a "what" answer.  Continue on in that way, answering, folding, and passing until the end.  Then you read the funny story.  It's like Mad Libs without having to know what a noun, adjective, or adverb are.}

 {Marcel with his lovely girlfriend, Deborah.  She was a delight to get to know.}

 {What's Thanksgiving without olives on the fingers?
That was me when I was a kid.}

 {The Master at the helm.}
 {This year, I put brown wrapping paper on top of the table cloth so that the kids could color while waiting.  Remember my big kids in California?}

There were 14 who gathered around our table this year.  
From left to right...Uncle Marcel, Grammy Maria, Caleb, Abbie, Cousin Ana, Cousin Paul, Mary Anne, Matthew, Hannah, Daniel, me, Ellie, and Eric.  Not pictured is Deborah, who is behind he camera.}
I am thankful for...


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year.. =)

  2. What great pictures! So happy to see YOU in them! A rarity :-)

    I have that very same mini pumpkin with the same saying -- how funny is that?
    I used to have three but have managed to break 2 of them. :-(


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