Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sarah and Tristan's Wedding Day 12.01.13

There were exactly 120 days from engagement day to wedding day.   That isn't a whole lot of time to pull together all the details for a wedding, but Sarah and Tristan managed to do it, and it was beautiful!

They chose Countryside for their venue.  It's a charming place with inside/outside options.  The chapel is located in the upstairs portion of the big, beautiful, red barn.  The reception hall is down below on the ground level. 

The wedding was set for 2 pm

 We arrived early for pictures.  It was crazy cold and rainy, but they really wanted outside pictures.  They do always look the best.

{Sitting inside by a cozy fireplace, warming up after pictures, 
and trying to keep three excited little girls -and 1 big girl- waiting patiently.}

{ bombing}

{The super handsome Father of the Bride}

 {Yours Truly}

The chapel looked like something from a  fairy-tale with white lights aglow throughout.  
The lights played off the golden hue of the wood.  
What a lovely place to have a wedding.

and so it began...
 {Tristan walking his beautiful mother down the isle to be seated.}

 {His proud father following behind.}

 {Daniel escorted me down.}

 {Hannah with her groomsman, Trevor, who is one of Tristan's brothers.}

 {Caleb was a groomsman}

 {As was Matthew}

{A friend's son was the "hobbit" ring bearer.}

 {and three little flower girls who were honored to toss rose petals.}

It was smart of Sarah to have the oldest followed by the littler ones.  They just followed Ellie's example and were super cute.

Dum Dum Da Dum Dum Dum....
The Bride with her daddy.

 {They didn't walk down to the traditional wedding march, but to an instrumental song called "Return of the King" from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.}

 She had seven bridesmaids.  {Grace, her maid of honor, who has known her all her life, Hannah, Kirsten, another long time friend, Christina, Anna, Jessie, and Kathryn, who are also friends made in the last couple of years.} 

  Tristan had seven groomsmen, {His best man, Daniel, who has known him all his life, Trevor, his brother, Jason, his youngest brother, Josh and Travis, also good friends, and Caleb, and Matthew.}

 {Their rings are matching tungsten bands that are etched with a Celtic design.}

{The Kiss}

 {Red Velvet cupcakes. They were delicious and HUGE.  
Believe it or not...from Costco.}

 {The "Dip and Kiss"}

 {A tender moment during their first dance.}

 {She chose the song, "I Loved Her First" by Heartland for the Father/Daughter dance. 
It pretty much brought tears to each mother's eyes.}
{And this moment, will forever be etched in my mind...and heart.}

 {Cutting the cake}

 {Daniel, the best man making the perfect toast.  He referred to Sarah as a "firecracker".
Everyone laughed....and agreed.} 

 {Grace made a sweet toast.  What a blessing lifelong friendships are!}

{Eric wanted to say a few special words to the both of them.  
We are rejoicing at their union and so glad to have Tristan as our son-in-law.}

 {Her Uncle Roger stood in for her Grandpa Roger, who couldn't attend, delivering his toast on his behalf.}

{Even though they are blurry, I love the tender look on their faces.}

 {Just before the bouquet toss.}

{Mr. and Mrs. Tristan Berg}

{One last Good-Bye before they are off on their honeymoon.}

My parents had that very "Just Married" sign on their car when they got married.  
When Eric and I got married, that sign was given to us to put on our get-away car. 
 12.01.13 - it's Tristan and Sarah's turn. 

It was a wonderful day from start to finish. 

We rejoice in God's sovereignty in bringing Tristan and Sarah together. 
May they seek Him first and foremost in all things and strive to glorify Him together. 


  1. It truly was a beautiful wedding!! The handing down of the 'Just Married' sign is so neat! Congratulations to the new couple!

    P.s. It wasn't only the mothers' eyes who were wet during "I Loved Her First"...

  2. Beautiful pictures, Carol, of a lovely wedding! I could not come because of recent surgery, but Eddie had told me about it and now I get the "feel" of it better. Soo sorry to have missed the glad occasion. Give Sarah my love, please.

  3. Wow, Sarah and Tristan's Wedding Day photos have made my day! I am in love with each and every shot from their day. We recently had an awesome beachside intimate wedding party and now we will be hosting a fun family wedding reception party so have booked the rooftop event space NYC for that.


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