Thursday, November 7, 2013

My new obsession

My name is Carol
and I'm a coffee snob.  It's true.  I confess.


I'm allowed to be;  I live in the Great Northwest, THE "coffee capital of America", where each town averages a dozen corner latte stands and a couple of  Starbuck's too. 

I know a good cup of coffee!  Since I go for taste over the name... that makes me a coffee snob.

My son has a friend who is a tea snob.  He's not really snobby, but he does love a good cup of tea, and often finds unique blends from specialty shops in THE CITY.

He happens to be our piano teacher, so while over at his home for lessons, he recently told me about this tea.

Harney & Sons Fine Teas
Tea blends ~ unique and uncommon
Harney & Sons has several blends, but this Hot Cinnamon Sunset is really amazing.  It's a black tea blended with cinnamon, sweet cloves, and orange peel.  It reminds me a bit of Good Earth Original tea, but yet it's different.  It is the perfect blend to enjoy on these autumn days. 

Even their tea "sachet" is unique and just one makes two cups of tea. 
 {tea sachet...doesn't that sound just a little bit tea-snobby-ish to you?}
Best of all, you don't have to find a specialty tea shop, just visit your local Target.  :-)
So pick some up, brew up a steaming hot cup of tea, and enjoy while you make all your Thanksgiving plans.  :-)


  1. I confess I have not tasted this tea yet! I'll have to beg some from 'the tea snob'. =D I should starting drinking tea more! Especially since I {really, really, really} dislike coffee. =D

  2. That tea is really good! I have had some and it definitely makes a good cup of joe....I mean tea! ; )

  3. After reading this I went straight to and ordered some -- it comes in DECAF!! Yay. Can't wait to try. I have fond memories of Good Earth restaurant & tea with you sweet friend!!

  4. That tea snob sounds like a wonderful guy. I'm glad you like the tea. :)


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