Sunday, August 4, 2013

Life Lately

Scenes from a summer evening drive home.

Annual vaccines for the goats.

 We use this orange marking stick so we know who has been treated.

A small pile of firewood to chop.  Matt can manage our large chain saw now.  We have a lot of downed trees so there will be lots more rounds on the way.

Our new fire pit that the Youngers built with Dad.

S'mores! {reaping the rewards of their hard work.}

Our garden {the pumpkins are starting to stretch out through the fence!}

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  1. Love the fire pit! Nice and big. =D It was so fun having the boys and Hannah over last night! It was a blast just 'do nothing' (as one of them put it) around the fire. We got lots of talking done.. and some nails painted. =)

    The garden looks beautiful!


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