Monday, July 29, 2013

A garden treat

I worked in my little garden this morning.  We've had some beautiful, sunny weather, but this morning was a bit overcast, not cold though, just about 70.  Perfect for gardening.

I've noticed that when I head out in the mornings, I seem to beat the bugs.  If I garden in the afternoon, when the sun is out and the temperatures are warmer, the bugs are out and especially willing to keep me company!  Last week I was stung by a bee.  :-( 

This morning....NO bugs! No flies, no bees, no hornets, not even any slugs or spiders. 

The peas have produced abundantly this year.  I pick them clean and then in a day or two they are loaded again.

The beets did well. Much better than my last attempt.  I should have planted two rows. 

The lettuce is ready now too. 
Cucumbers, summer squash, and pumpkins are coming. :-)
It's so tempting to me to plant a really big garden.  It would be wonderful to be able to enjoy produce from only the garden in the summer months, but I am thankful that our garden is small...and manageable.  We are enjoying all that it produces with nothing going to waste. 
We'll enjoy fresh salad and roasted beets along with some grilled salmon for supper tonight.  True Northwest fare.  


  1. Everything looks beautiful! Isn't an abundant garden a special gift from the Lord? We have been enjoying TONS of tomatoes (ummm whose idea was it to plant 13 plants??). We also get about 4-5 zucchini a week and bell peppers are starting to come. :-) Sad all the stone fruits are done, but I did manage to make some yummy crisps and some jam out of the plums.

    1. Your tomatoes would pair so well with our goat cheese! :-)
      Can't wait to see what you make with your bounty - zucchini and bell peppers are so versatile.

      Oh, your plum jam is delicious. Have you made any plum butter? (check our the easy recipe from Mary Jane Butters.


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