Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Kid Silliness

We live super close to one of the best ski areas in Washington. Caleb has decided that he'd like to get into snowboarding and has been slowly buying his equipment and other things that he'll need for a day's adventure up at the slopes.
The other day this NEON LIME green beanie arrived.  {5 Bucks including shipping on Ebay - he couldn't resist.}
The sibs joined in on the beanie wearing day...on a hot day in August!
Tell me he does not look a little like Cheshire Cat....caught in some mischief.

Ahh, the privileges of buying your own stash of ice cream!

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  1. That is indeed big kid silliness!! but I like silliness, I think that's half of what I've made of. :P


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