Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lo and Behold

Despite the very wet June, things are growing in the garden.

Swiss Chard {which is so delicious}  A few little bugs on the underside of the leaves, but otherwise
Swiss Chard = success!


Lettuce {Mesclun - which is mixture of salad greens} - It's so small because it just took the place of the radishes we harvested. 
Radishes = success!

Peas {which you can see in the background of the Swiss Chard and lettuce} One of the goats reached right over the fence and ate a mouthful.  
Peas = Next time - plant in the middle. 

Cucumbers {with lemon balm at the head of the row as a companion}

We love beets and I have not had success with them in the past.  At my last attempt a friend advised me to thin them.  I may have thinned them too much? 


We use a lot of pumpkin puree especially in the fall.  We love pumpkin granola and pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin bread.  Even though I wanted pumpkins, I wasn't sure I wanted it in the garden fighting for space with the summer squash.  We planted them anyway - as a "let's see what happens" lesson.   I am excited as we have a plan next year for a pumpkin patch just outside the garden, which will free up lots of space to grow other things.

I grow these really well.  *wink*

So how does your garden grow?

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  1. your garden is so lovely! I am especially envious of the beets. I just made some refrigerator pickled beets, let me know if you want the recipe. :-) we have our first zucchini coming this week, along with tomatoes and lots of plums and peaches!


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