Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vintage blue

I love all things vintage...colorful, cotton quilts, bone china tea cups, useful aprons and blue canning jars.
Have you bought yours yet?

Ball has made a limited edition 100th anniversary of the "perfect mason" blue jar.
Available only this year. 
These blue jars are regular mouth pint size.  The box of 6 runs about $10. 
When I first saw them, I fell in love with them.  While they are made to withstand the heat of canning, I actually think they make darling flower vases and even super cute drinking cups. 
How festive - picture your picnic table with a red and white checkered table cloth and those darling blue drinking cups along with all your favorite celebratory food!
Recently I was shopping at World Market and found this one. Vintage blue quart size jars run about $8 in antique stores around here, but this one was just $2. 
It's not intended for canning, but perfect for fresh cut summer flowers!
They had smaller ones too.  I think those beg for a little bit of sand from the sea to hold a votive candle.  Oh, that gentle glow in the blue glass!  


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  1. I LOVE them! I actually bought 3 packs... I may be a hoarder :)

    I am using them to store our art supplies! It is a nice way to sort different types of markers, paint brushes, and that type of thing!

    I want (Brian) to build a long wood box for them all to fit in so that I can have them all in a row in the middle of our future homeschool table! Wouldn't that be fun?!


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