Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our El Bells

So in between this  {ripping out carpet, and putting in wood flooring}

and this {painting trim and kitchen cabinets....still painting as you can see}

We celebrated someone special turning 7!
As per our tradition.  She opened gifts in the morning with all the family gathered around {before Daddy had to leave for work.}

 A super cute book from her uncle

 A super cute dress from Gramma
 Fun Legos from the brother
 A special dolly from Mom and Dad {the trick with these types of dolls is to wait until they are old enough to treat them carefully, but young enough to still enjoy playing with dolls.}

A sparkly jump rope from the little sisters
For her special birthday dinner, Ellie requested spaghetti.  Instead of birthday cake, she requested apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  {Pies seem to trump cake in our family.}

Fun Facts to know about Ellie {this year ;-) }
 Her favorite color is light pink.
 Her favorite animal is an elephant.
 Her favorite thing to do is play Legos.
 Her favorite thing to eat is tomato soup with Goldfish crackers. 
Ellie, you are such a blessing to our family and we are grateful that God placed you in ours!


  1. Looks like a very fun birthday celebration! I would've picked the pie too. ;) Was Hannah's dress given to her later...? I don't see it in the list of gifts!

    P.s. The cabinets look great!

  2. Yeah, I didn't get great pictures of each gift so I had to chose the best. Oh well.

    1. Oh I see, no problem! I wasn't sure if it was a special gift or something. =D


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