Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goldilocks and a shampoo review

This probably seems like a ridiculous post.   Over the last 4 - 6 months, I've been trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that I really like. 
You probably think all shampoos are alike except for some minor tweaks on scent and cost. 

Well, let me tell you!
I have used Aussie Shampoo {5.99/ 29 oz.} for a while. 
It works well and smells great and it's cheap. {Great for a houseful of heads.}
My hair was shiny and clean.  Maybe a little too clean. It seemed to strip my hair of all moisture.  On one of my trips to the salon for a haircut, I bought the high end conditioner they use.  {I never did buy both shampoo and conditioner because I just couldn't justify the cost for my vanity.}

It was Keune. I do so love Keune Conditioner.  I can easily comb out my hair when it is wet.  When dry, my hair looks healthy and shiny. It smells great too, but it's spendy.  {$20/ 6.8 oz.}
I did find it cheaper on line and bought some, but when it ran out, I figured I'd try some other products to see if I could find something I liked just as well for less money.

This one is too...

I tried Costco's Kirkland Moisture shampoo {12.99/ 33.8 oz.}
It claims to be just as good, if not better than salon shampoos.
Using the shampoo alone was a bear with respect to tangles.  The corresponding conditioner still didn't alleviate the tangles and it left my hair feeling heavy.
The scent was just average.

I realized that "Salon Formula" and higher price doesn't necessarily equate with better. 
Costco had coupons for Dove Intense Moisture Shampoo {6.99/ 40 oz.}  
This is even less expensive than Aussie .           
It left my hair feeling clean and soft, but I felt like I had "wild hair".  {Kind of frizzy and fly-away, not sleek and shiny.}
The scent is fresh - sort of like Dove soap.

Not really wanting the wild hair look and thinking it was due to it being very inexpensive shampoo, I thought Id give some more expensive shampoo a try again.   The shampoos for sale at the local Great Clips {where my boys go for their hair cuts} like Nexus, Big Sexy Hair, Crew, and Bed Head are considered "high end".

That one is too...

Costco carries Nexus Therapee shampoo. {16.99/ 44 oz.} and their price was the best.
It claims to be Salon Hair Care so I was expecting product results that you get from a salon. You know the feeling when you leave the salon and your hair looks and feels great - all soft, and sleek, and shiny.   Not so much.  Not soft, not shiny.

I wasn't thrilled with Nexus, but Costco also carries Bed Head Control Freak from time to time. {19.99/ 25.36 oz. for both shampoo and conditioner set}
I figured since it said, "controls frizz",  I would try it to see if it would tame my crazy hair.
After several uses, I could feel my hair just getting heavier and duller.  It lathered nicely, so it seemed like it was doing the job, but NO, my hair just felt greasy and dirty!

From all my trial and error - this is what it would seem.
Cheap shampoos clean, but often strip hair of oils. "Salon Shampoos" add a waxy coating. 
Real - from the salon - shampoos give great results, but cost a lot.

I'm probably the only one who didn't know that already, but in case you didn't either - there you go.

So I'm still looking for the one that is... just right.  ;-)



  1. I feel your pain... I'm still on that journey too. Aveda products work amazing for my hair type but alas, the price. :-( Once a year I usually treat myself to a bottle and it seems to help improve my hair a lot. I currently have the Costco brand you mentioned, and I actually like it, but the scent isn't that groovy (I've actually gotten used to the fact that the healthier choices don't smell as good). I've also used the Nexus one a lot and like it. I think whatever you choose, it helps to switch it up and not always use the same kind. I was just thinking that my hair is feeling dry. I read you can mash up an avocado and let it sit on your hair for 15 minutes.

  2. Carol, if I remember right the texture of my hair is much like yours. If I was rich and had all the money in the world my favorite Shampoo and Conditioner would be Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner! It is great! Cleans your hair great and works the scalp. However, we are a large family and we need shampoo that the family could use. Now we use Suave Professionals Rosemary and Mint Shampoo which you can buy at Walmart, Target, and any other major retail stores.. It is a great substitute. But the best thing for people with naturally frizzy hair is to stop shampooing daily. I now only shampoo once a week maybe twice but that is it! So, in a 7 day period day 1 I will use shampoo, day 2 and 3 only a conditioner, and then days 4-6, my hair gets placed in a high bun when I get in the shower. If you keep stretching the time period out between shampooing you won't notice the grease as much. Your scalp will adjust it's oil production. Another great way to tame frizz and flyaways is when you get out of the shower, instead of reaching for your towel to dry your hair, use an old cotton t-shirt! They absorb just as well and they won't break your hair! Hope that it helps!

  3. Hi Carol! I enjoyed & understood your fun post about hair product frustrations! I am sure you have figured out by now that you could have bought a year's supply of the salon stuff after trying all the various types! :) I have found high end shampoo/conditioners at Ross & Marshall for a good price ( usuually $10 per bottle - the huge size). Did you know that salons usuually have a great sale once or twice a year on the large(ie costco) sizes of S/C sets? I would have my stylist contact me/save me a set each year. It was usually about $20 for two huge bottles that would last a year ( for just me , of course) I found that the Big Sexy Hair- Big Volume shampoo & conditioner (in the Red bottles)make my hair shiny and manageable - & no dry scalp. Good luck on your search! Miss you , my friend!


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