Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cali- Day 7

I can't really say that we saved the best for last because each day of our vacation had something unique and memorable, but we couldn't very well travel all the way to California and not get at least one day at the beach!

Ahhh, the beautiful beach, our most favorite place to be.

We chose to go to Seal Beach because it's a charming little beach town with super cute shops, one of our favorite little restaurants, and it was where Eric used to run the crew/supply boats from the pier out to the oil rigs.

The BEST fish tacos!

I want to live passionately, love deeply, pray faithfully, and surf DAILY!

Hittin' the beach

Checkin' the surf

Eric was telling Dan that he used to ran a boat much like that red one from the pier to the oil rigs. 

My favorite super hero!

Searching for sea shells...little ones are everywhere

Coffee fix


You can't very well go to the beach and not stay for the beautiful sunset. 
Sort of fitting way to end our vacation.

Did you know that there is a Scripture reference on the bottom of their cups? 
Did you also know that at every In-N-Out there are two intertwined palm trees?
Our day at the beach was just what we needed. 


  1. 1.)I am in tears because of the beauty and how much I miss the sea.
    2.)Is that the same beach park that we have photos of when I was a toddler playing at???
    3.)I did not know that IN-N-OUT had two crossing palm trees at every one! That's awesome!

    1. 1. Next time you MUST come with us!!
      2. Yes, we went to this place often since Daddy worked off that pier.
      3. Yep, it's true!


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