Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Humor me while I think out loud

Just thoughts....maybe a bit of a rant out of frustration.

I wish I was articulate - especially now.

I have read many blogs in the last few days with posts of grief about the tragedy at Sandy Hook. I too was stunned and saddened. I look at my own children excited for Christmas, full of energy and life and can't imagine the pain the families are feeling, and I am so sorry for their loss.


I just read a blog this morning where she posted all sorts of links to write your congressmen to ban guns. Really? Is that what people think will make a difference?

Guns are inanimate objects. They are neither good nor evil. The intent of the person who uses it directs the gun. Airplanes are inanimate objects too - 11 years ago they were used as a horrific weapon - so should we make airplanes illegal?

The problem is with the heart of man. The problem is SIN!

People don't want to take a hard look at their heart. They don't want to be honest and admit that they are deceitful and wicked and in desperate need of a Savior.

We are quick to compare ourselves with each other and conclude that "I am not as bad as that guy who shot all those sweet, little kids at school." However, the comparison is faulty!

We can't compare a rotten apple with another rotten apple and say, "well, this one isn't so bad." The fact is they are both rotten. We need to make a comparison of a perfect apple to a rotten one.  So - we compare the Holy, Perfect God with ourselves, and suddenly, our rottenness is painfully clear!

Signs posted on a school fence stating that area is a "gun-free zone" will not deter someone with a depraved mind set on hurting others. "Oh gee, I think I'll leave my gun at home since this is a gun-free zone." It just lets him know that all inside are unarmed, unable to defend themselves, making them an easy target.
{Obviously - the sign didn't stop him!}

Taking away gun ownership rights will not stop the crimes. Bad people do bad things because they can!

Why are you saddened over this incident at Sandy Hook?

Because precious lives were lost?

Yes - precious life.

However, I don't see people posting links on their blogs to their congressmen to make abortion illegal.

That's killing babies...precious life! Why are we not saddened over this?

I don't see cries going out to make euthanasia illegal. That's killing our seniors...precious life!  ~ Why are we not grieved and saddened over this? 

~ Who decides whose life is precious?   ~ Why is not all life valued?  ~ Why do we have a sliding scale of measurement? ~ Why are guns always the villain rather than the person abusing it?  ~ Why can't we be honest with ourselves about ourselves?

Just thoughts I had to vent. Thanks for listening.



  1. Carol,
    You so out did yourself with this post. You are very articulate. I pray more folks look at the mirror this time year and truly see the sinners they are and repent.

  2. Carol, thank you for this. And thank you for being bold enough to write it (and you ARE articulate, btw)and represent our Lord. I echo your thoughts exactly. Murder is deeply ingrained in our sinful hearts, as demonstrated by Cain committing the first murder in history (and he didn't need a gun to do it). It is only by God's GRACE that we ourselves are not fully expressing our sin like this individual did in CT. I am so thankful to have the Holy Spirit to guide and direct my wicked heart towards love and rightousness instead of hate and murder. I have been praying that God will use this heinous event to open up many hearts to see their need for Him. He is merciful to SAVE!

    When I saw President Obama speak with tears in his eyes at first I was very touched...then I remembered this is the same person who passionately advocates the killing of babies. Such a double standard.

    On a happier note, I just finished baking some chocolate truffle cookies and russian teacakes. I always think of you when I'm baking :-)

  3. Very well written Carol! I couldn't have put it better myself! I'm going to do a post linking to this one!

  4. I can honestly say I haven't stopped crying since it happened. It hit me like a blow to the head. It hurts. You are correct and right on point with this post. My paster said this on Sunday " Laws will not change the world, hearts changed will change the world"..." A justice delayed is Not a jusice denied." God will deal with this evil in good time, but in the meantime we as believers need to continue to use the power of prayer and to continue to preach the gospel to change hearts which in turn will save lives. Stupid gun laws will do nothing, hearts of men will do much.


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