Saturday, September 15, 2012

King Tut

Now how cool is see actual history from centuries ago from a far away land!  It will be the last time that this special traveling exhibit will be in America so I thought it would be a fun field trip. 
The ancient Egyptians had odd practices based on their very off theology.  That said, Eric decided to work from home that day and keep the little girls with him, while I took the older kids.  He was really ok with that since he does not like to go into Seattle. 

There are lots of families in our church who homeschool.  One family made all the arrangements for us to go as a group, enabling us to get discount tickets. (normally $28 - we paid only $8.50)

We started with an IMAX film - "The Mysteries of Egypt".  That was a good film to see before viewing the exhibit as it gave a lot of background to not only the Pharoahs, but Egypt itself and the importance of the Nile River to that area.  (The film is actually separate from the exhibit.)

Once inside the exhibit, you could view at your own pace.  It was not docent led, though for an extra cost you could purchase the audio tour.  We chose to not do that since we have studied ancient Egypt before. Once you are inside the exhibit there is no re-entry so it's nice that you can take your time to really look at everything.   There was a diverse sampling of artifacts on display.  There were amazing necklaces and earrings made from precious stones, gold, and other metals found in Egypt and the surrounding areas.  Lots of statues/busts of the different royal families and their members,  a few cartouches with hyroglyphics. 

Oddly, the exhibit is titled in big letters Tutankhamun: The Golden King and The Great Pharaohs.  On all of the signs and programs it has the golden face mask of King Tut.  Would you believe? 


We made our way through.  We got to the last room and there was the sign - EXIT, No re-entry.  I looked at Daniel and said, "Where's King Tut's mask?  Did I miss it?  How could I miss it?"  I grabbed his hand and went back through the whole thing (not an easy thing to go against the flow.)  Finally, I stopped and asked one of the attendants, "I am sorry, I must be so blind, but where is King Tut's mask?"  She replied in a very hushed voice, "No, you didn't miss it.  It's not on display." 

Neither were many other of the more famous objects that were found in his tomb.  Apparently the famous face mask was cracked when it was last on exhibit in North America in the '70s and Egypt is keeping it safe at home.

I can understand that, but it was such a big disappointment since you are led to believe you will see it.  It's the image on all the literature.  It is THE item that is associated with Egypt.  It's what you associate with King Tut!

So, yes, we had a fun day together.  Yes, we did enjoy the exhibit, but I wanted to write this post and warn anyone who might be wanting to go.....DON'T EXPECT TO SEE THE MASK!  I was so glad I didn't pay full price (times 5) because it was a disappointment.

Oh well, still had a fun day with fun people.

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