Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just stuff

Summer was in full force these last couple of weeks.  We've been enjoying it so much.  Our days have been full of just stuff....a little of this - a little of that.

Enjoying the garden....Ellie has been my little gardener - always wanting to check out what is growing and harvest what is ready.  The few things we planted did well, and have given us  ideas for next year.

Zucchini and beets and green beans are still growing. 

Tackling projects... Replacing a culvert in the road went quickly with all the neighbors pitching in. Matt affectionately called this compactor his "automatic pogo stick."
I think his teeth might still be chattering.

Buying a car...Caleb bought his first car - a Suzuki Sidekick. 

Visiting with family.... The Aunts and a cousin came for a couple of days.

Playing with Daddy!

This week I saw signs of fall.....Maple leaves with a hue of red.  Spiders are active.  The sunrise is a bit later now, and the sunset a bit earlier. 

Just a couple more weeks until Monterey kids, we'll be canning peaches, pears, apples, green beans, and getting back to a more regular school routine.  The lazy days of summer are almost over.

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