Monday, August 6, 2012


It is said that, necessity is the mother of invention, but I believe limited means play
 a good role in that too .
So what do you do when you'd love a new, summery dress?
You turn to a fitted sheet,a pillowcase, and a sewing machine, of course!

Hannah designed the dress herself! 
Isn't it darling? 

You can't really tell in this picture, but it laces up the back with white ribbon.  Super cute!
She did it all herself, designing, removing the elastic and seams from the sheet, and all the sewing. 

A couple of dreary winters ago I had bought this sheet set simply for the flat sheet.  I found this twin set on clearance at Target for $7.  I wanted a new, cheery shower curtain for the girls' bathroom, but couldn't find anything I liked.  The bathroom is small.  It needed light and bright, and these colors just perked it up perfectly. All I had to do was sew some button holes in the end of the sheet to allow for the curtain rings.  
 I had held onto the pillowcase and fitted sheet, simply because they were part of the set, but I never used them.  Remember a few posts back when I mentioned how we have sorted, purged, and organized closets?   That's when Hannah found the sheet and pillowcase and asked if she could have it.
Frauleine Maria isn't the only one who can repurpose household linens. ;-)

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  1. Hannah!!! It looks adorable on you!! I love the bright-colored stripes! How perfect for a summer dress! {Looks like a very twirable dress ;)}
    Love Gracie


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