Friday, June 22, 2012


3 full flats of organic bliss!  Caleb and Hannah picked them for me.  What sweeties they are! - The children and the berries :-)  They were able to pick all these in just a couple of hours...and in the nick of time too...before it started to rain.
We try to go to the same U-Pick farm every year.  I love it because 1) they are a certified organic farm, 2) they are only $1.50/lb. and 3) They are close to ME.  (Yes, me who lives waaaay out in the country!)
Our tradition since forever long ago is that on the night of berry picking we have waffles with whipped cream and our fresh strawberries for dinner. 
This morning, when I reminded Dan of enjoying our strawberries for dinner tonight his reply was, "That's the best dinner ever.  I love this Friday night!".


  1. Where did you go? I really want to go strawberry picking!!


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