Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's just a better choice

I didn't really intend for this to become a little mini-series, but I did want to touch on the topic of organic meat because I said I would.
If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I have hunters in the home.  We eat what they bring home...deer, bear.  We would eat elk too, if ever they could get one!  I'd consider those "free range", but not organic, since I've no idea what or where they have fed on.  We like all meats and sea foods, but lately I've come to the conclusion that not all are a healthy choice.
You know the age old adage of,  "You are what you eat"?  Well, I think there is a whole lot of truth in that statement. 

Think logically with me for a minute; why are there warnings about mercury in fish, or pesticides in beef, or hormones in chicken?  Because.... drum roll, please.....
they are what they eat too!  It's obvious that those things (mercury, pesticides, and hormones) are absorbed into their meat or there wouldn't be warnings against them.  Ultimately, we eat what they eat. 

With that in mind - you can make educated decisions on what you want to add/subtract from your eating lifestyle.  I say lifestyle as that describes what you eat on a regular basis. 

I have found it fascinating to read in the Bible what God considered to be a clean food.
In all three categories, mammals, birds, and fish - NONE were carnivorous, none were scavengers. 
(Again - it's the "they are what they eat" principle!)  Predators have their function - they keep population explosions of other animals in check.  Scavengers have their function - they are part of the disposal system.  Knowing that, might change your outlook on your meat choices too.

Am I saying that we don't enjoy ham or bacon?  Nope.  Last year, we raised a hog and had a freezer full of pork.  But, knowing what I know now, I'd rather buy a side of grass fed beef.  See what I mean? It's just a better choice.  We can still enjoy a ham for Christmas.  Same with fish - we chose wild over farmed, but when we take our family vacation to the seaside - you KNOW, we'll enjoy a cup of hot clam chowdah!  We haven't made the switch with chicken yet.  I still buy the two pack of Foster Farms whole chickens at Costco.  We do what we can, a little at a time.   It's a lifestyle of eating that will make a difference, I believe.

Ultimately, God knows the number of my days. (Psalm 139) I can not change that.  Healthy eating will not prolong my days, but it will likely ward off a whole host of diseases that affect quality of life.  I want to live an active, joyful life, playing with my children - and my children's children.

Just a little food for thought.     ;-)


  1. I love your last paragraph about God already knowing the number of our days! Love it! I feel the same way!

  2. Our treat lately has been grass-fed burgers - they taste AMAZING. This month at Whole Foods they had grass fed beef from a ranch in northern California and I've never tasted such a good burger. Rich grills over hickory chips and it's simply divine (however... I must add that the burgers cost $3 each when I broke it down...not an everyday meal around here or for a family your size!):-)

  3. And you might find it interesting that the ranch is Hearst Ranch, owned by the Hearst family. They have raised cattle on grass since 1865!

  4. OK, sorry to keep commenting, but I realized that Hearst will ship their beef, so I decided to purchase some burgers from them! With the shipping they end up being $3.50 a burger - but they are as much a treat as a filet if you ask me :-) Now I will have a little stash in the freezer, almost like a side of beef, huh? :-)

  5. The bakery down the street sells burgers for nearly $10! Your $3.50 grass-fed burger is a steal! I may have to buy some for us. Thanks for the tip.
    Miss you.


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