Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perfect Popcorn

We really enjoy snacking on popcorn.  It has even been a Sunday evening "supper" coupled with apple slices on a few occasions.
I'm rather picky about my popcorn though! I despise microwave popcorn.  (called "cancer corn" in our home!) 
I'm not a big fan of hot air popped corn either.  Plain popcorn is like, well styrofoam. When I've tried to add butter to air popped corn - I usually just get it too greasy!  
Overly salty is yucky too.  
So - what do I like?

The kids gave me this for Christmas a couple of years ago. It's a stove-top popper.     

It makes the perfect popcorn!  Below is my recipe.

2 Tbsp. coconut oil {organic, extra virgin}
1 Tbsp. olive oil {extra virgin, cold pressed}
1 tsp. salt {himilayan}

2/3 c. popcorn {organic}

As you heat over medium-high heat, you crank the handle.  This keeps the popcorn and oils moving so that they don't burn.  It's that easy!

It's done when the popcorn starts to overflow and you can't crank the handle anymore.  Every kernel pops!
It's nicely flavored ~ lightly salted, not too greasy! 

Otis heartily agrees!


  1. One of our favorite evening snacks!

    We used to have a Whirly pop like yours but it broke :-( We find a Le Creuset dutch oven works perfect. We heat the coconut oil and salt for a bit, then test a kernel to see if it's ready. If it pops, we then pour in the rest and in a matter of minutes we have a perfectly popped pot full of corn. :-) You have to be careful not to eat popcorn too often as you can get diverticulitis!

  2. OK, I take back the diverticulitis comment. After I wrote that, I decided to research a bit, and popcorn (or nuts or seeds)is no longer linked with the disease. Eat all you want, some things I read said that it actually REDUCES your chance of getting that. Haha!


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