Saturday, March 3, 2012

A treasure

What a treasure!  My Aunt Barbara recently sent a package in the mail containing birthday presents for the next ones in line.  Mary's first birthday is coming up in March and Matthew's is in April.  I know, right, she is ON. THE. BALL.
Along with those packages, to my surprise was something for me...this pillow.

You already know that I am a handwork fanatic!  This embroidery was done by my Great Grandmother Caroline.  She was accomplished in all types of needlework.  Can you believe that she was taught at the age of five? 

This particular piece was part of a luncheon cloth.  My Aunt Barbara found this in a hope chest of my Great Aunt Lillian (Great Grandma Caroline's daughter).  It dates back to about 1900. The hem and edges close to the hem were spotted due to age. The monogram, however, is in perfect condition so Aunt Barbara had it made into a pillow for me.

I feel so privileged to have this piece of family history.  I feel so blessed that my sweet aunt would think of me and make the effort to take that partly damaged linen and make it into something beautiful for me. It makes me think of this verse...
Psalm 16:6  The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Indeed my heritage is beautiful to me.
I am so thankful for family and heart strings tied together with love!


  1. That pillow is gorgeous and what a special heirloom to have! It is really beautiful and I can tell it was so well made. I was just given a few pieces from my great-great Grandmother. They are such a treasure.

    I enjoy your blog sooo much!



  2. Oh, thank you Julia! I've been so blessed by YOUR blog.

  3. Oh Carol, How beautiful! What a treasure from the Lord and reminder of His Love for you! Thank you for sharing:}


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