Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birthdays - round 2

It's crazy-busy here!  If only time were like a stop watch where I could hit the stop button, catch up, and then resume again. 

There are quite a few women in my church expecting babies so there are quite a few baby showers.  I've been sewing up some cute burp cloths to give as gifts.  I happened to hit a pretty good sale at a local store for baby clothes.  Sadly, they just don't make very many little girl dresses - mostly pants or tight leggings seem to be the "style".  Well, I just don't like that!  I picked up an easy pattern so I can make a simple dress with bloomers.  I think I'll just make those for my "signature gift" for baby girl gifts.  I'll just keep my eye out for sale fabric and pick it up when I come across some that is cute.

I'm also planning one of those baby showers.  That will be fun.  I'm really looking forward to it. I gleaned some cute ideas here.  I really like her blog. 

When we have had a baby arrive, it has been such a blessing to receive a meal.  Not that Eric can't cook (he is way better in that department than me!), but it's so nice to have that break and just be able to enjoy the new baby.   Since I've been so blessed, I love to bless others in that same way.  So - we've made several "new baby" meals lately too.  In fact, I'll be making one today to deliver tomorrow.  A simple menu of hamburger vegetable soup, home made Spelt bread, sugar cookies in the shape of baby carriages with blue frosting (super cute!) and Martinelli's sparkling cider.

Eric recently discovered that the tractor had a blown head gasket.  I can't help but think of this Green Acres episode.  So, the Mister has been busy taking apart the motor, delivering said motor to the machine shop, and putting it all back together again.  It's our work horse, for sure.  We hope to finally put in a garden this year, so he is working hard to get it running for the work ahead.

And the midst of life...more birthdays!

We celebrated Abigail's 3rd birthday. She's still too young to count down the days, but she counts down the birthdays. "First it's Daniel's, then Daddy's, then it's my birt-day!"
Birthday girl in her new birthday dress made by Mom.

Eric was able to take the day off from work. We went to the Imagine Children's Museum in Everett.

It had been many (like 15) years since we had been there. They have renovated it completely. They have done a really nice job.

Not only did the little ones have a great time, but the older kids did too. In fact, I'm not sure who had more fun?!

Dr. Matt, DVM for a day 

The theatre stage complete with lights and sounds
Abbie in the glow in the dark room
Crazy bus driver!
Ellie, the milk maiden (should be a goat!)
Hannah and Ellie
Farmer Eric and Lil Mary
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Ellie still loves octopuses
2 crazy drivers!
Just think...he's just about ready to get his driver's license.
Sweet sisters

Voice Actor, Caleb

Back at home. Hannah had made yummy cupcakes with butter cream frosting and pink sprinkles.  We didn't have quite enough frosting for all the cupcakes so on a couple of them she just made smile faces.  That's the one the Birthday Girl chose.

A while back Caleb had mentioned that he had never had a surprise party.  (Like that wasn't a hint!) Since this was a milestone birthday, we thought we'd try to pull it off.  Matthew helped me by secretly talking to all the peeps.  We decided to have it the day before since he wouldn't probably suspect anything - especially since we stayed for potluck at church.  Dad took Caleb "driving" to give us the time we needed to get the people here and decorate. 
Surprised?  Yep, he was!

All the things guys like - Dew, dogs on the grill, chips, chocolate

What a great time singing and jamming

and talking

even Mary enjoyed all the melody and merry making!
The next day...

Modeling his Scottish flag belt buckle

Now THAT'S a mug o' coffee!


  1. Happy birthday Caleb, Wow u look all growin up! Looks like so much fun, sorry Lew missed it :{ Love to all xxxooo

  2. Having Lew here would have made it complete! We miss you. (Need to swap soon!!)

  3. All the birthdays look so special! What fun to get a surprise party Caleb!
    A late "Happy Birthday" to all in the Blanchet house!
    Love Grace


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