Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Stitch in Time

Hannah has shown great interest in learning how to sew on the machine.  We looked through all my patterns and made a list of projects that we could do together this school year so that I could teach her some of the basics.
She is doing wonderfully.  This is her most recent project - what she calls her "medieval dress".  She wanted to make a special dress for her birthday this year as she will be turning 13, and has a fancy date with her daddy!
This particular project had its challenges.  The fabric was slippery and the weight of the train made the fabric shift around.  This particular fabric also freyed a lot...very frustrating.  She learned several new things with this project.  She learned how to line the bodice, put in gussets under the arms, (Something new that I learned too!) and how to put in eyelets for the lacing. 
I teach best when I can demonstrate how it is done.  For this dress, I would sew one side and then she would sew the other side on her own.  It was very fun to sew side by side with such a sweet and eager student.

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