Monday, November 7, 2011

Lamplighter Book Show - Come Join the Fun!

Do you know about Lamplighter Books?  We love them and have been collecting them over the years. It's usually our biggest splurge at the homeschooling conventions.  We want to build a family library of quality books that build character.  They are beginning to make some of the stories into audio dramas.  We really enjoy listening on long car rides (like to our friend's farm in Ellensburg.)  Last summer Lamplighter began a whole new program called The Guild where the best of the best in their craft for dramatic and visual arts teach and mentor students for five solid days.  Some of you may already know that Caleb, for many years, has had the desire to become a voice actor.  We think this will be an excellent opportunity for him. This year's Guild meets July 15-20, 2012 and is limited to only 100 students.

The registration is pricey, but they offer a "scholarship" opportunity.  They write, "We realize that the cost of attending this once-in-a-lifetime event may be a bit prohibitive for some families. But we strongly believe that students who are willing to work hard should have the opportunity to attend. Because of this, we are offerring a special affiliate program custom-designed for participants of the Lamplighter Guild. Now, students will have the opportunity to sell Lamplighter books and receive a 30% commission on everything they sell."

He has ordered lots of catalogs and is hosting a "Lamplighter Book Show" - this coming Saturday, November 12.  It's an Open House from 1 - 5 pm at our home.  You can look at the books we own, browse through the catalogs, enjoy hot cider and sweets and help Caleb work towards his goal of raising $2,000.

Building a collection of character-building literture is one way you can make a lasting difference in the lives of your children and your children's children.  The values are timeless, the issues are relevant, and the stories compelling.  All the books are beautifully crafted hardbacks.

They make great gifts and Christmas is just around the corner!

Even if you can't make it to his book show, you can still support Caleb by using his code (GUILD 37) when you place an order directly from Lamplighter.  

Can you imagine hearing Caleb's voice as a character in an audio drama?  How cool that would be!

So tell your friends and come join the fun!!  See you Saturday!

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  1. Thank you so much to all who came in support of Caleb. :-)


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