Thursday, September 1, 2011

Haircuts and Avocado

So here I take a ton of photos of Hannah for her school pictures and THEN she got a haircut. Got a haircut indeed - 16". She donated it to Locks of love We have known so many people who have struggled with cancer and hair loss from the treatments. Donating hair is an easy way to help. I never seem to have quite enough to donate. The minimum is 10". Both Sarah and Hannah have donated before.  Hannah has super -thick hair and is happy to have it shorter for a while. 
Hannah - Before

16" later
Hannah - After
Ellie went along too - it was her first haircut. Yep - she is 5 and just had a haircut. It was below her bottom. Everyone used to call her "Repunzel" - even strangers who might see us at the store. Since it was her first cut, we kept the golden, curly locks. We didn't cut 10" either. Next time we'll cut enough off to donate.
Ellie - "Repunzel"
Ellie - Before

Lots of good conditioner in there - so no tangles!
It was so long that she had to stand to have it cut.

Ellie - After

And on the same note of "firsts"..... Babe Mary had her first taste of solid food....delicious avocado.  It's the perfect first food for a baby.  They are an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids and have a higher proportion of this "good" fat than any other fruit except the olive.  If you have babies in the house you might want to read the book, Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron.  It's an amazing book - and offers advice that's a little different than the standard advice you might get from your pediatrician. I highly recommend this book.
Mary enjoying some avocado

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